Donkey milk company, Azienda Agricola Montebaducco, was founded in 1990 by the pioneering idea of Giuseppe and Davide Borghi, father and son, in order to safeguard and enhance the asinine species already destined to the extinction. Montebaducco company is now the biggest zootechnical farm, in Europe, specialized in asinine breeding, thanks to its 800 donkeys, and the most important donkey milk production chain at international level; in addition it carries also agritourism activities. The company inherits its name from the hill that overlooks it, called Montebaducco, which is located in North Italy, in a rural oasis in the heart of Reggiano territory, land rich of farming traditions, love for breeding and ancient gastronomic culture.

The company follows the organic farming methods.

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The farm is currently the first and largest donkey milk farm in Europe with around 800 donkeys.


Reservations are required.



Organic donkey milk powder (instant, fine taste) and organic cosmetics. Buy online


We supply to private, catering, distribution and industry. 


An old farmhouse from 1600 and the classic dishes of Emilian cuisine!


The restaurant and the accommodation service is available only by reservation.



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You can buy online in our ecommerce in www.montebaducco.it or  in Amazon.it, de, fr, es or other ecommerce or in various pharmacies / shops: if the products are not available at the moment, you can ask the pharmacist to order them so that they can be collected within a few day.


Montebaducco: production philosophy 4.0

Our activity covers all sectors: agriculture, breeding, agritourism, transformation and distribution. If you are interested in our products contact us


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Biomilkey – Donkey milk powder (2 x 100 gr) – 200 gr

Equivalent to 2 liters of reconstituted donkey milk

Price : 63 euro

Biomilkey – Donkey milk powder (2 x 200 gr) – 400 gr

Equivalent to 4 liters of reconstituted donkey milk

Price : 122 euro

Biomilkey – Donkey milk powder (5 x 200 gr) – 1kg

Equivalent to 10 liters of reconstituted donkey milk

Price : 285 euro

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