Cosmoprof: natural ingredients such as the rare donkey milk

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How to find the right balance between business development needs and the health of the planet? It is a question that has been on the agenda for years in the debate among beauty industry experts: the entire cosmetic supply chain has had to question the production and distribution processes, to respond to the consumer's demand for safe products for skin care and low environmental impact at the same time.

A transformation that will influence the restart of the entire sector in the coming months: according to the international research and trend agency Mintel, the sustainable evolution of the cosmetics industry will be one of the main themes over the next few months, which every company will have to face in order to respond to a market that is increasingly aware and attentive to the consequences of its purchasing decisions on the balance of society and the planet.

Central to the renewed approach of the sector will be the contract manufacturing sector, increasingly the link between the various souls of the supply chain, from the choice of raw materials to formulation, from machinery to packaging. The Italian company MONTEBADUCCO, one of the key players worldwide in the supply of powdered donkey milk for the cosmetic company, is therefore one of the most important voices in green cosmetics. "Since our foundation we have been supplying donkey milk for natural and organic cosmetics and we have given the opportunity to many international companies to create innovative formulations with the rare donkey milk whose cosmetic properties were already known to Pliny the Elder" - declares Davide Borghi , Founder of Montebaducco and technical manager.

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