Donkey milk factory



Since 1990, pioneering in developing a donkey milk production chain, with the use of moder technologys and 800 donkeys, Montebaducco today runs the the biggest donkey milk production in the world. Under the direction of Davide Borghi, Montebaducco donkey milk factory, housed within the donkey farm, includes a donkey milk processing plant which allows the production of lyophilized donkey milk (in powder form).




The donkey milk production at the Montebaducco facilities is closely monitored in order to comply highest international standards of quality and safety. The farm facilities and the donkey milk processing follows GMP and HACCP procedures. Donkey milk and donkey milk lyophilized are both certified organic by ICEA. The whole operation fulfills the strict Italian and EU requirements for export into and outside the European Union. Montebaducco defends its products under the brand name Montebaducco pharma.



Our vision and mission is to run and maintain a creative & sustainable donkey milk production chain and to produce different products: 

  • Donkey milk
  • Donkey milk lyophilized
  • Donkey cheese
  • Gastronomic
  • Cosmetic

The lyophilization process for donkey milk

An innovative product.

We use the lyophilization process (freeze dried) to increase the shelf life of our donkey milk . The lyophilization  is performed in our factory  in a processing line specific for donkey's milk.


Lyophilized  donkey milk  tears down borders

Our donkey milk lyophilized, thanks to its powder form, the low volumes of encumbrance, the  high shelf life (24 months) and the possibility to be stored at room temperature goes anywhere in the world in a short time. 




Suppliers for:

  • specialized retail
  • cosmetic industry
  • food industry
  • pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry

Montebaducco produces donkey milk lyophilized in different packaging size  so as to meet the diversification in demand. For more info contact us