Donkey farm

The Donkey farm of Montebaducco, thanks to the direction of Giuseppe Borghi, currently, with about 800 donkey, is the largest in Europe and perhaps in the world. Certainly the most important for innovation and utilization. In addition, the company undertakes to defending the biodiversity, has 13 different breeds of donkey including the most rare. The donkey are bred in large spaces, in a rural oasis in the Reggiano territory, in the full respect of animal welfare and of all the hygiene rules and they are fed exclusively with certified organic products as forage and cereals, such alfalfa, barley and oat flakes, which come prevalently from our farm, that is extended 60 hectares and where are followed scrupulously the organic farming methods. For this reason our company and our donkey's milk are certified organic by ICEA. logo_bio_milkasin

Our donkey breeds

The breeding of Montebaducco have the big Romagnoli and  Martina Franca, the Amiatini which they are characterized by the cross on their back, the small and black Sardi, then again other italian breeds calls San Domenico, Sologno,  Sant 'Andrea and  Ragusano, then the dappled Irish , the whites Egyptians,  the Arabs, the french Poitous  and at last a rarity, the whites donkeys.

Donkeys for sale


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