Monday, August 8Montebaducco: Donkey Milk Supplier since 1990

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DONKEY MILK GROWING IN POPULARITY IN THE UNITED STATES Donkey milk has very specific health benefits, has been popular in the Europa, Asia, Middle East and Africa for generations, it is just now becoming popular in places like Canada, and the United States. The rise in popularity could be do the various health benefits of donkey milk. Plus has a delicious taste! Despite all these benefits, the concept of donkey milk might still be new to North American consumers. Donkey milk is higher in price than other milks. One donkey produces 1-2 liters per day – compared to the 30 liters produced by the average cow shis makes donkey milk much more rare and desirable. Donkey Milk in the USA hs been growing steadily. The increase in demand is making producers such as Montebaducco Farm to ...
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